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Cups Committee

Commissioner          Duncan Riddle

Co-Commissioner    Ante Loncar

Co-Commissioner    Morgan Garcia


Illinois State Cup:

The ISSA Cup Committee oversees all matters concerning the State and National Cups.The first Illinois State Cup was awarded to the Campbell Rovers in 1909, predating the US Open cup by 5 years. The winner of the Illinois State Cup, and runner up, advances to the Regional [Midwest] Tournament of Champions (TOC).


The entry fee is $100 and teams pay 50% of all ref and field fees as they advance through the tournament.


State Cup Divisions

Men’s Open

Women’s Open

Men’s Over30

Men’s Over40 (does not advance to TOC)

Men’s U23

Women’s U23



USASA National Cups:

The national cups program started in 1914 with the US Open Cup (Lamar Hunt) and is distinctly different to the Illinois State Cup. The Illinois State Soccer Association is responsible for the local state qualifying teams, the winner in each division will go on to represent Illinois at the Regional [Midwest] Cup finals, the winner of each division at the Regional event advances to the United State Adult Soccer Association National Cup Finals representing Region II against the other three Regions (I, III & IV). The US Lamar Hunt Men’s Open Cup is part of this program and the Illinois Men’s Open Cup Champion is entered into the Open Cup by virtue of their qualification at the state level.

USASA Nationals Cup Divisions

Men’s Open

Women’s Open

Men’s Amateur

Men’s Over 30

Women’s Over 30

Men’s U23

Women’s U23

Men’s U20

Women’s U20

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