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Privacy Policy


ISSA collects personal information during its activities, particularly during the registration of participants in organized soccer. The primary purposes are to ensure the security of the participants by preventing fraud, to allow access to emergency information and to foster the efficient administration of the game.


We will never release or sell such information except for a bona-fide soccer related purpose, and then on as limited a basis as possible. Within this context, we are occasionally approached by sponsors who wish to defray ISSA costs in return for access to our information. The ISSA evaluates the appropriateness of sponsors in view of our position as the governing body of a sport with significant numbers of young persons and associated family members. Because such sponsorship increases the opportunities available to ISSA members, we may allow such sponsors limited access to the information. Such access is limited to mailing information only, and does not include phone numbers, social security numbers or any sensitive personal information, such as individual demographic data.


Disciplinary matters are generally already a matter of public record, due to the circumstances. But, disciplinarily proceedings are confidential, expect to the parties involved. Information concerning disciplinary matters may be released to affiliated organizations, upon request, when related to the administration of discipline across the game.

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